Monday, 26 January 2009

Death is the most definite thing you will ever do

Death, is by far, the only definite thing, you will do in your life. You may plan to go on holiday, plan to move to a new house, or plan to sit an exam; but all these things are subject to change. Airports could be closed, mortgages could fall through and exam halls could even start leaking. But the end of your life, is the one thing that can never change or be amended, as Allah SWT has told us that the ajal is fixed.
'For each community, there is a predetermined life span. Once their ajal comes to an end, they cannot delay it by one hour, nor advance it. ' (TMQ 7:34)

So if there is anything we should prepare for in life, should it not be the most definite thing? Rather we prepare endlessly for all those things in our life which have no certainty, and avoid the sole event that is certain.

Today our sister in Islam, a devout servant of Allah, a dutiful wife, beloved mother of three and devoted dawah carrier of Allah's deen, returned to our Rabb. Her death has sent ripples of shock through the community that lived around her - not because death is something unexpected, but because it has been a reminder that we too, despite how young we feel, despite how dependent are children still are on us, or how attached our family are to us, are all also hanging by the string of Allah's beckoning.

To lose a sister in Islam, is like losing a limb, or part of your body. We feel the loss as our own. But alhumdulilah more than anything we know she has actually returned to the place of her creation and real birth, where we will all to return. We just pray that her children and her family have the patience to live through her absence in their lives, and inshaAllah are able to get used to life without her a soon as is possible. Our love, duas are with them.

An event like this, reinforces the thought that we really are here for a fleeting moment and may face Allah anytime soon. And it is this thought that energises us to continue with full zeal with the things that will matter, in this context.

Ya Allah, enable us to live only for you, worship only you, and sacrifice as much as is possible for you, so that we may face you knowing that our time here was worth it...


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