Thursday, 2 December 2010

MPs luxurious expenses will never end

Even though we have had the whirlwind of the MP expenses scandal, which seemed to blacken the face of almost every MP that stood in Parliament at the time, I would still like to issue a stark warning.  This problem, is far from over.

You can give these ruling representatives a telling off, name and shame them, and amend the rules and regulations under which they make claims.  However let's be honest, if despite all this, they could get away with a small little duck pond, without anyone knowing, they would.  Why? Because firstly the whole debacle was about the public finding out - Before it was all in the public, no one felt the remorse they showed on BBC News 24, whilst they claimed the mortgage for their 10th property.  And no one can accept the argument, that it just did not occur to them it was wrong - come on, these people make complex policy decisions, as they say, for the country, come from the country's brightest schools - They are far from being not on the ball, as they claimed they were during this period.

The point is the root of this behaviour is a system which is all about seeking one's own benefit.  Capitalism itself is founded on this notion, Parties function on this notion where policy drifts towards wherever the money lies, so why would the individuals in this party be exempt from this? It is natural that the mentality of benefit seeking has manifested itself across every element of Goverment.  Thus when MPs who, may even have a genuine desire to affect politics, have an opportunity to get some free dosh - Why not? It's only a conscience that should stop them and for many that's not enough, particularly if no one's watching.

Thus I believe that unless we look at replacing the system of man-made law, democracy which plagues the world today, we will never put an end to such benefit seeking and ultimately corrupt behaviour.  Under Islam iit was never about justifying to the public why you need a 300 odd paper shredder - The politicians in the first place, shaped by the Islamic values of the society understood that life is about pleasing Allah and being accountable to Him. So the worry of how the citizens he was accountable for, were living was more of a concern than what he could milk out the system.  As his Akhirah depended on this, not the jewels and wealth he could milk out of his position.

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